Hanover to host first Hawk Invitational

Garrett Gauntt

Many students, on December
19, will be putting on shorts and
T-shirts and will begin to head
south. They will travel about 35
minutes to Southside of Richmond.
Some will even have to put on swim
suits. Our school branches of The
National Beta Club (Beta) and the
National Honor Society (NHS)
will be helping out with the first
annual Hawk Invitational at the
Collegiate School Aquatics Center.
This event is being sponsored and
held by the Hanover swim team.
The temperature of the pool stays
at a warm 78.5 degrees Fahrenheit
and the area around the pool
usually stays around 81-85 degrees
Both Beta and NHS are going to
provide volunteer members that
will be charged with timing events.
The basic idea is that they will have
possession of a stop-watch with
two tasks, stopping/starting the
stop-watch and writing down the
time. The volunteers were given
the choice to work in the afternoon
or the morning.
The afternoon session will be
a quicker session because it is
the finals of the swim meet. This
means that these people are the
fastest people at the meet and there
will like be events that consist of
Olympic trial swimmers.
The morning session is an open
session. Though the invitational
had qualifying times, the morning
session is there to weed out the
faster swimmers. This means that
the afternoon swimmers must be
in the morning session but the
volunteers will also see a more
plural amount of swimmers than
the afternoon volunteers will. Also,
the morning session will last a bit
longer than the afternoon.
There will have 19 teams taking
part in the Hawk Invitational. The
timers may be volunteering but
there is some history around the
Collegiate School Aquatic Center’s
pool. This pool is a past Olympic
Trial pool that was shipped piece by
piece from Nebraska. Many famous
swimmers swam in this pool such as
Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte.
Eight world records were broken
in this pool in 2008 before it was
shipped to Richmond.


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