The top five must-have Christmas apps

Searlait Coffey

It’s that time of year again: bitter
cold weather, cocoa and candy canes,
family gatherings and quality alone
time with your chair and your phone.
Beho-ho-hold, the ultimate guide
for the Christmas season’s holiday
We’ve all struggled to keep
track of gifts for our family and
friends. Not to mention budgeting
our wee high school
incomes so that we can find
the perfect gift without going
broke. The Manage
Christmas-Chismas Gift List
Manager app is the optimal
resource for Christmas gifts.
It allows users to list people
with their corresponding
gifts, along with the corresponding
prices. Don’t have any ideas for gifts?
No problem. The app has a section devoted entirely
to suggestions for a wide variety of gifts.
The app is so precise, it even has a function to
track the stage of gifting. Including wrapping,
whether or not it’s been purchased
and store location/availability. All
this for the affordable price of free.
What’s the best thing about
Christmas? Sure, presents and family
and the gift of giving are all high
up there. But the real answer is the
Christmas songs we all start singing
in the summer, awaiting the wonder
of this holiday season. The Christmas
Music app offers over 10,000 free
Christmas songs. Navigating the app
is ever so simple and its function is to
simply play Christmas music wherever
and whenever you want. This app
is a must-have for the holiday season.
With Christmas comes presents
for everyone, except maybe Donald
Trump. This also means that
thank you notes are a necessity to
show your appreciation. In this digital
age, what better way to show your
thanks than with the app Inkly? Inkly
is a digital customizable card app for
any occasion. The app allows you to
choose from a variety of premade
card designs, while you can write
your own messages and add pictures
of graphics of your own. The app is
also free, so what’s there to lose with
picking this one up from the app
Doodle Jump has been around
since 2009. If it’s still on your phone,
six years later, then slide on over to
its “Christmas Special Mode.” Enjoy
doodle jumping with pleasant snowfall,
coin-filled presents, stocking jet
packs, monster Christmas trees and
snowmen and Christmas rocket ships.
Doodle Jump is also free, so pick up
the game for the pleasant times spent
sitting at home over break.
Ski Safari allows you to play as the
skiing Sven while he barrels down
an avalanche-prone mountain. Penguins,
yetis, wolves, reindeer, bats,
eagles and sleds and many more careening
objects are running down the
mountain with you. Players can jump
on these running objects for boosts
and speed. Rocks, cabins and icicles
are all obstacles in the path of the
snowy mountain. Ski, flip and jump
as fast as possible to go the distance
to out-ski the avalanche. The North
Pole mountain is nice and Christmas
themed and also has bonus extra
coin-packed presents for collecting.
The game is, unfortunately, 99 cents,
but one dollar is worth this fun-filled
addicting game.


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