The smart guide to giving gifts this holiday season: Friends and Family

Mikayla Mason


The season of gift giving is in full
swing and with the jolly sleigh bells
and festive lights comes the dilemma
of what to give to those who are most
Often the item seems to fall short
of a friend’s support and solidarity.So
giving a gift that shows their appreciation
and gratitude proves to be difficult
for the masses. Many friendships have
lasted over the years and some have
just begun, but no matter the length,
across the student body the struggle of
finding a present is abundant.
For some students getting gifts for
their friends is unnecessary. They
know they’re appreciated and friendship
does not need to be solidified
through a material item. Instead they
would rather spend time together than
spend money on each other.
However, it is important to have established
this before so one is not left
present-less and upset.
Senior Amber Swindels finds giving
gifts to her friends a staple element of
her holiday season.
“I don’t think it is hard for best
friends because you know them really
well. But if you are acquaintances it
is kind of hard. If they like music you
try to go for music they like and if they
like a certain animal or color get them
something with that.”
To avoid having a gift giving mishap
if Swindels is unsure about want to
give her friend she sticks to a gift card.
“I just get a gift card because everyone
loves a gift card,” Swindels said.
“I am a pretty generous person and
I like giving presents to people. Some
people may be really tight on money,
especially at our age. I have job so I
have the money, so people’s parents
could be like ‘I don’t want to give you
the money.’”
Relations ships also pose at another difficulty
during the holiday season.
“I have known [my boyfriend]
for a very long time so I know
what he likes what he doesn’t
like,” said junior Maddie
Gordon. She and her
boyfriend have been
dating for a year and Gordon
doesn’t find it difficult to find a
present for him. Her advice for those
who are at a loss for what to give their
significant other is to go for something
that pulls their heart strings.
“Get them something sentimental.
Something from the heart,” advised
Gordon. “Or look on Pinterest.”


Family are the people you are stuck
with. Forever. To show one’s unending
appreciation and love for the other
members of one’s family siblings and
parents, is imperative.
For many people finding gifts for parents
is a struggle because they never
know exactly what to give them. And
for younger students it is difficult
to shop and pay for
gifts by themselves.
Children are often spoiled with gifts
during the holiday time, but are short
on returning the gesture fully.
“It is backwards from the last ten
years. It’s kind of rough and weird,
the whole reversal concept,” sophomore
Jackson Mercer explained. For
him it is odd to buy his parents who
do so much for him a simple present.
He is also faced with another challenge
like many other people his age: money.
“It is tough for me because they
have jobs and I don’t. It’s not like there
is something they can’t buy with their
own money. They can buy want they
just have to deal with it with their own
finances. I probably won’t buy something.
I will probably make something
or try to be a better person. I would
make something that said I recognize
how much you do for me and I respect
that,” Mercer concluded.
Many are confused about where they
stand with extended family. For many
families, one only sees extended family
on holidays — Christmas being one of
the few. So is one expected to give a
gift to family one barely sees?
This dilemma is not something that
sophomore Nathaniel Flagg has to
worry about. He is close with his cousins
and to him it is obvious that he
would buy them gifts during the season
of giving.
“They are still a part of my family,”
Flagg explained. “And it’s Christmas!”
he furthered. “They live across the
street it’s not like they live in another
state so we’re close,” Flagg said.
However, many do not have it so easy.
The dilemma about what to give relatives
you do not know well remains for
others. The lines between what to give
that cousin Suzy who you see once a
year or uncle Gary who can’t remember
your name half the time proves to
be struggle.
“It is just a lot of work and most of
it is guessing and not meaningful,” said
junior Mason Cox. He suggests giving
gifts to people that are imporant to you.


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