Students give back to their community

Callie Robinson


Students prepare to wrap gifts for families in need. Photo by Brian Letourneau

Not many volunteer opportunities
involve shopping and spending
time with friends. As the holidays
approached, HHS turned their focus
onto giving back to their community.
AP US History teacher Brian Letourneau
was one person in particular
who started the process of helping
those around us.
Each year, Letourneau organizes a
service project that any student can
sign up to participate in. The volunteers
bring in a donation of money
and split themselves up into groups of
about 4-6 people.
The money donated is then divided
evenly between the groups and each
group is given a particular unnamed
community member to shop for.
The specific wants of that person
are written down, and the student
volunteer groups go out and purchase
gifts that fit the criteria given to them.
Purchased gifts are then brought back
to HHS where the entire group of volunteers
eats pizza together and works
on wrapping the gifts for the community
“This year we had a lot more people
participate and so we were able
to help 8 families. We also had more
money donated and so were able to
do a lot more for the families.” Senior
Jenny Schumacher said.
Schumacher was one of many to
participate this year. The service project
has recently gained in popularity
as many previous participant have
been spreading the word of its value
to the community and how enjoyable
of an opportunity it is.
This service opportunity is an incredibly
special one as its success is
directly dependent on the support
from its participants. Many students,
such as volunteer Taylor Rudd, love
the opportunity and are enthusiastic
about being a part of it each year.
“It was really great to be a part of
something that helps my Hanover
community. I wish we could do something
like that every day.” Rudd said.
Junior Naisergi Shah agreed with
“I thought it was a great experience
and was so much fun because you got
to have fun with your friends and also
make someone smile on Christmas
Day,” Shah said.
The event is a festive way to kick
off the holiday season each year, and
is an excellent reminder of the importance
of giving back to the community
that you are a part of. During
the holidays, it can be easy to focus on
what you want yourself, but opportunities
like this change that up.
The families that are helped by
this are immensely thankful for the
student volunteers and show the real
value in community service.


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