Parading across the ‘ville

Kirby Lawrence


Santa visits Mechanicsville during the Holiday parade. Photo by Kirby Lawrence

Mechanicsville, VA was hit by
the annual Christmas Parade. On
December 6, over one hundred
different organizations, groups,
schools and even Santa Claus himself
participated, with thousands of
viewers. Both Mechanicsville locals
and others from all over attended.
The Boy Scouts of America Pack
503 and 555, Lee-Davis High School
NJROTC Unit, Atlee High School
AFJROTC Unit, Kim’s School of
Dance, the Mechanicsville Rebels
Youth Football & Cheering, 60s
Muscle Car Mafia and the American
Cancer society were all featured in
the parade, among others.
After the parade was over, judges
chose their top picks for some of the
following categories: Best motorized
unit (large, non-commercial)
which was awarded to the Central
Virginia Mustang Club; The best
motorized unit (large, commercial)
which was won by Astro Evens of
Richmond; Best motorized unit
(small, commercial) went to Village
Bank; Best motorized unit (small,
non-commercial) went to the Zehringer
Family; Judges’ pick, which
was awarded to Kim’s School of
Dance; Best Equestrian Unit, which
went to Hanover Trail Riders; Best
in Keeping with the Theme (Memories
of Christmas) was given to Atlee
Church KidsStuf; Best Musical Unit
as Black Creek Baptist Church; Best
Girl Scout unit went to troop 53;
Best Boy Scout unit went to Troop
Each group brought something
special to the parade and everyone
always has their own personal favorite.
Onlooker and junior Madison
Barrett is a viewing veteran of
the Mechanicsville Christmas Parade.
“I have missed a few years of
the parade on-and-off, but I have
been going there since I was little,”
she said. Barrett used to go to the
Kilmarnock Parade, but Mechanicsville
has always been much more
enjoyable, she says.
“My favorite part has always
seeing been the monster trucks. It
was just so cool! I went with my
grandma, boyfriend and some of
my friends. We all had tons of fun,”
Barrett said.
Senior Patrick Todd was another
onlooker at the parade. His favorite
was the Harlem Globetrotters,
along with the guys in the racecars.
“I noticed that the parade seemed to
have less of the ‘big’ balloons, but
had more floats than in previous
years,” Todd said.
Typically, the Marching Hawks
participate in the parade, but they
attended the Children’s Christmas
Parade in Atlanta, Georgia instead.
Although the band could not attend,
that did not prevent other
HHS students from either participating
in or viewing the parade.
Junior RJ Gentry marched in
the parade with Air Force JROTC.
This is his third year participating.
“I was holding the Air Force flag
in the Color Guard. There were so
many more people this year than
in the past. We [Air Force JROTC]
were near the beginning of the
parade, and when we were finishing,
the back of the parade was just
starting,” Gentry said.
Gentry’s favorite part of the parade
was being surrounded by all of
the unique floats and being able to
march with his fellow company.


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