Primaries approaching

Garrett Gauntt

The primary election deciding
who will represent the two parties
(Republican and Democrat) for
the presidential election are in full
swing and poll dates are only a
few months away. As the election
approaches American citizens are
beginning to see frontrunners in
the race for each party.
For the Republicans, the race
has mostly been between the
world renowned neurosurgeon,
Ben Carson and the businessman,
Donald Trump. Trump has held
the lead in this primary for many
months now but recently Ben
Carson has been improving in
Recently, Florida’s Senator
Marco Rubio has also been gaining
support. Rubio is a young Senator
but has more background in
politics than Carson and Trump.
In recent debates, he has been
declared the winner by big media
centers such as the Washington
Post and Politico. The Wall Street
Journal attributed his success in
the polls to him being a moderate
The Democratic primary race
has only seen two big contenders
for the spot. Hillary Clinton, the
former secretary of state has held
the lead in the Democratic race
for many months now but is still
criticized for her past scandals such
as the most recent email scandal in
March of this year. In this scandal,
she used her private email server to
handle official business and when
it was investigated some of the
emails and servers were wiped or
destroyed. Fox news and CNN both
say this may be a huge weakness in
her campaign.
The proclaimed socialist Bernie
Sanders is in second place in the
national Democratic poll. As a
socialist many think if he does not
win he will run as an independent
canidate due to that fact that he was/
is the longest running independent
canidate in U.S congressional
history. Sanders, in an interview
with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber
of Commerce, has stated that the
main reason he does not want to
run independent is “[he does] not
want to be responsible for electing
some right-wing Republican to be
president of the United States.”


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