“Life and Death” gender, sort of

Hayley Parish

In case anyone has ever wondered
what “Twilight” would be like with
the gender roles reversed, now is their
chance to go on an exciting adventure
that is exactly like the first Twilight
book with Beau and Edythe.
There had been a rumor going
around for a while that Stephanie
Meyer would rewrite the series in Edward’s
point of view. However for the
ten-year anniversary of the first book,
the next best thing is now currently
on shelves as of October 6.
Meyer has heard the world’s complaints
about Bella’s damsel status in
her relationship with Edward and was
honestly a little annoyed and offended.
Now she offers nearly 400 pages
clad in a cover featuring a single hand
holding a green apple introducing
Beau Swan: Bella’s counterpart. As
her name means “beauty” in French,
his name means “handsome”. Fitting,
isn’t it?
Other than some OCD tendencies,
a strange love for Dwayne “The Rock”
Johnson and the obvious pronoun
change, his role and function are basically
the same as Bella’s. Beau Swan
moves to Forks, Wash. and Edythe,
the female version of Edward, struggles
not to kill him while also saving
his life a few times . They then fall in
love, despite the whole vampire vs
mortal thing.
Everyone was gender-swapped,
actually. Along with Beau and Edith,
there’s the rest of the Cullens. Say
goodbye to Carlise, Esmé, Alice, Jasper,
Rosalie and Emmet Cullen and
say hello to Carine, Earnest, Archie,
Jessamine, Royal and Eleanor Cullen.
Billy and Jacob Black now go by
Bonnie and Julie. Everyone except for
Beau’s parents have been switched,
merely because it was uncommon
for fathers to be given full custody
of children in the year that Beau was
born. Charlie and Renee are here to
stay apparently. So is the sparkling
vampire thing, no amount of complaints
could ever change
The book is a one act affair,
there will be no follow ups concerning
the constant struggle between immortality,
death and love as found in the original
Not to give away any spoilers,
but the starkest difference between the original and
the reimagined version is the ending.
“Life and Death” isn’t a book to
take seriously. For Meyer, it was
something fun to write for the celebration
of “Twilight” ’s 10th birthday.
For Twi-hards it’s similar to a
fanfiction to indulge on. Critics have
already begun to tear it to shreds as
they have with every other “Twilight”
novel-–what else is new?
“‘Author Really Enjoys Money, Really
Dislikes Work’ would be a better
title for this book,” one twitter user in
particular said. One article from The
Frisky reported on the new book saying,
“Don’t be fooled, Stephanie Meyer
didn’t actually write a new book”
since the events are exactly the same.
Others are entertained by the idea
that Meyer wrote her own fanfiction
of her book.
Many believe that the new book reinforces gender
stereotypes instead of breaking them.
However the book is basically a parody of
itself and should be taken with a grain of
salt since its only intended audience
was younger readers and loyal fans.
Maybe not readers on Team Jacob,
though. Julie takes a backseat in this
book. Sorry Jacob lovers, there’s not
much of a love triangle in this one.


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