Ice Skating at Short Pump

Willie Sadler

With a newly constructed ice
skating rink, residents will no
longer be limited to ice skating
solely indoors. A small outdoor
skating rink opened in the West
Broad Village at Short Pump on
November 13, and will stay open
until January 18.
“I used to go to SkateNation
[Plus]. Now with the opening of
the new skate rink, it intrigues
me that there is an outdoor park.
There’s lots of scenery, unlike
the old one,” sophomore Michael
Chin said.
“The new skating rink will attract
more customers, but it will
be interesting to see how it will
compete with the other rink
[SkateNation Plus],” junior Lauren
Hancock said.
It is open to the public and can
be rented out for private parties.
The rink opens at 3 p.m., Monday
through Friday, but closes at different
times each day. On weekends
the rink opens at 11 a.m. On
some days throughout the season,
the hours will be extended. Some
of these days are Christmas Eve,
Christmas day, New Year’s Eve
and New Year’s Day. On these
days the rink will open earlier.
The cost of admission is ten
dollars for adults and eight dollars
for anyone eight and under.
Season passes, which include
admission and skate rental are
available for 175 dollars. People
who do not have ice skates do not
need to worry, as there are more
than 100 pairs of skates available
to rent for four dollars.
Skating lessons are offered for
anyone three and up. In these,
basic ice skating skills will be
taught in a group setting, on Sundays
from December 6 to January
10. The price is $119, which includes
skates and four free visits
with skate rentals.
Fundraising opportunities
are available for businesses via
vouchers provided by the rink
that the organization may distribute.
Customers with vouchers can
hand it to the cashier for their organization
to receive fifty percent
of the transaction.

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