Colleges convened to recruit students

Kali Wright


College representatives handed out brochures at the fair. Photo by Addison Schmitt 

Atlee High School hosted over 100
universities for a College Fair. Many
HHS students (and their parents) attended
this fair to learn more about
the possibilities for their future.
Representatives from colleges such
as Elon, Virginia Tech, Penn State,
James Madison University and many
others travelled from their respective
colleges to talk to these high school
students about what their institutions
offered. Their responsibilities at the
fair included answering questions and
concerns from students and parents
and handing out informational pamphlets
and flyers.
Students had the task of navigating
the bustling crowds of eager people in
order to get to their destinations and
learn more about their choice colleges.
“It was kind of overwhelming
because there were a lot of schools
there, at least a hundred,” junior Nicole
Bradford said.
Due to the large number of schools
and students at the college fair, many
students felt that they didn’t get the
one-on-one time with the admissions
counselors that they were hoping for.
“I figured it would be more intimate,
where you could ask them any
questions and they would answer
them gladly. But you pretty much just
walked up and grabbed the information
packet and walked on to the next
one,” Bradford said.
Fortunately, that wasn’t the case
for everyone. Other students were
able to get the one-on-one time that
they were hoping for with the colleges
that piqued their interest.
“A lot of the colleges were really
up front with you, others were really
passive if you didn’t show any interest.
For me, my opinion was swayed
because the people behind the desk
for Hampden-Sydney were really
personal and very relatable,” junior
Jacob Kegel said.
Not only did the college fair help
students learn more about colleges
they were interested in, but it also
helped reassure people who had already
set their sights on a certain
“I’ve wanted to go to Virginia Tech
for a long time because of my whole
family, but I think it made me lean
towards Virginia Tech more than I
already did because it just made me
want to go there more after seeing everything,”
junior Naisergi Shah said.
Students who had been set on a
certain college beforehand were able
to broaden their horizons and open
up the possibility of going to schools
they didn’t know much about beforehand.
“The college fair helped open up
my options, because I was set on UVA
and then I was like ‘oh hey, these look
like good schools too,’” Bradford said.
Despite the differing opinions and
experiences regarding the college fair,
it proved to be the overall helpful
event that everyone was hoping for.
“It was really helpful and it helped
me understand what the colleges
wanted more of and what kind of majors
they offered,” Shah said.


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