Band hosts Continental Concert

Jordan Clark


Band director Amy Birdson conducts HHS Wind Ensemble, the advanced performing group, during the fall concert. Photo by Jordan Clark

HHS band had breakfast for dinner
on November 5 as part of their
fall concert.
The event was known as the “Continental
Concert,” a play on words
referencing the music played from
around the world. Attendees paid
$6 to eat the various breakfast items
such as Belgium waffles, sausage and
fruit. and see the various performing
Students of the HHS band program
made and donated the food, served it
to the guests and helped set up and
clean up the event.
“It was somewhat stressful, but it
was a fun experience to help because I
was with friends, which made it even
better to assist the band program.
The setting also was perfect with the
theme and made a difference when
conveying the varieties of culture,”
sophomore Rachel Dalton said.
Jazz Band played songs arranged
by Mike Story, such as “Cubano
Chant” and “Coral Reef.” These pieces
gave the audience the feeling of the
tropical and Hawaiian theme. The
Jazz Ensemble presented pieces like
“Brazil”, arranged by Stitzel and “In a
Sentimental Mood,” arranged by Tomato.
In between the jazz band’s percussion
ensemble performed songs
such as “Conga,” composed by Garcia
and arranged by Crockarell, which
gave a Brazilian vibe to the stage.
“I loved it! I loved that I can see
students that I have in class. The jazz
bands did great and seeing the students
work payoff is amazing. It was
nice to see them serving the dinner
and the music was good,” teacher
Donald Kalinowski said.
Following the dinner, the guests
were led to the auditorium to hear
the performance of the HHS Wind
Ensemble and Concert Band.
The HHS Concert Band opened up
the auditorium portion with a song
entitled as “Curse of the Pharaohs”
written by Bernotes, which featured
an Egyptian sound. They also
performed pieces called “Close Encounters
at Loch Ness” and “Moscow
The Wind Ensemble’s performance
concluded the concert. They
started with a piece called “Arlington”
and finished with “Variations
of a Korean Folk Song.” They also
played a piece known as “Espana
“The outcome of the crowd was
great and definitely a lot more people
showed up then I expected to. I think
the concert went well and the audience
had a good time,” sophomore
Savannah Turner said.


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