Animals need rights — am I right?

Sam Johnson


Whales at sea world flip around for the people
watching . Photo by MCT Campus

With so many civil rights movements
and organizations fighting for
better treatment of various groups,
it is easy to forget about another
group in need of help: animals.
Animals have faced many injustices
in recent years. From skin being
permanently damaged for the sake
of cosmetics, to cramped and inhospitable
zoo habitats — something
must be done.
The public eye has been blind
to the treatment of animals in
slaughterhouses for centuries. In
today’s slaughterhouses, animals
are crammed by the thousands into
windowless sheds and wire cages.
The animals do not get to roam freely,
raise young, breathe fresh air or
feel the warm sun on their backs.
The only thing being done currently
is local police enforcement
busting illegal slaughterhouses.
These animals are innocent and
do not deserve to be treated in this
manner. Animals come in all shapes
and sizes and like humans have a
beating heart and a thinkng brain
Our society must not forget about
the members of our world who do
not have a voice of their own. It isthe
duty of all members of society to
end these injustices and take a step
toward protecting and aiding them.
Many have heard of the controversy
revolving around SeaWorld
which was uncovered by the documentary
film “Blackfish.” In this
film, SeaWorld’s killer whale, Tilikum,
was isolated for long periods
of time and forced to live in small
habitats, which were unsuitable for
an animal of his size, and shortened
his life span. SeaWorld is the largest
habitat for aquarium life and the
thought is about the other animals
who may also be suffering just like
the killer whale
Despite being sued by many individuals
and animal rights groups,
SeaWorld has barely, if at all, improved
conditions for their killer
whales. The fact that this is continuing
is absurd and sickening.
“I don’t think [SeaWorld]
should be shut down, but it should
definitely have modification in the
sense of what animals they’re allowed
to have and how they treat
them,” senior Sophie Harrison said.
Neither the national government
nor the state government has done
anything about it.


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