Volleyball looks to build off teriffic seasons

Willie Sadler

The mens and womens volleyball
teams are returning from successful
seasons. This year they will
look to improve their playoff performances
from last year and both
teams have lofty goals for the season.
“As a senior that has been with
the program since my freshman
year, I want nothing more than a
state championship. We almost
achieved that goal last year in the
4A state championship against
Midlothian, which was one of the
hardest games I had ever played.
Losing by two points in a fifth set
tiebreaker definitely hurts, but it
has motivated us all and now we
want it more than we ever had,” senior
Lee Olenyik said.
“ Our ultimate goal as a team is
to play in the state championship
game at the Siegel Center and win
it essentially.
One of the highlights of last season
for the Mens team was making
it to the state championship. They
faced Midlothian high school in
the Siegel Center and were cheered
on by many students, both in the
stadium and at school watching the
live stream held in Chad Taylor’s
room. Students from his class and
other classes packed themselves in
his room to watch the championship.
“We had like seventy people in
here at one point. Whenever we
scored everyone would scream, it
was so loud that Mrs. Forkey had
to come down and tell us to quiet
down. It was great. We were all really
proud of the guys. It was really
cool to see people we know and go
to classes with up on the television,”
Taylor said.
The women had a playoff run of
their own too. They made it to the
regional semifinals before losing to
Jamestown. The experience gained
from their playoff matches last season
will help the teams this year.
In addition to that, neither team
lost many players. Their experience
will help them be contenders
for conference, regional and state
Some of the main returning
players for the mens team are: Cory
Peel, Giles Vanhuss, Brian Stephen
and Lee Olenyik.
The returners for the Women
are: Miranda Hall, Leila Haynesworth,
Ashton Hughes and Kendall
Pully. The Men’s team will stay
almost the same this year in their
roster, as there are no new-comers.
With the mens team having the
same players, they will not have
to focus on building team chemistry,
since it is already present. This
will allow them to focus on other
areas and improve even more. The
same can be said for the Womens
team. Although the Womens team
has two new freshman on it, Quinn
Kellogg and Megan Kratzer.


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