Trump rallies support in RVA

Kali Wright

Whether you like him or not,
Donald Trump is a name heard and
talked about in many American
households. On Thursday, October
15, the Republican presidential
candidate held a rally of more than
4,000 people at Richmond International
Raceway, in hopes of gaining
more Richmond supporters and
potential voters.
Little time had passed before
Trump dove into the issue which
has gained him most of his support
so far: illegal immigration. Trump
plans on building a wall between
the United States and Mexico in order
to lessen the number of illegal
immigrants coming into America.
Many of the rally attendees were
there in support of Trump, and
many support his idea of a wall.
“My favorite part of the rally was
when [Trump] told everyone he
would build a wall and everybody
went crazy,” junior Jake Athas said.
While many people were going
crazy in support of the wall, there
were also many protestors present.
Some decided to protest, taking
Trump’s announcement as a cue to
reveal their banners openly opposing
Trump’s ideas and suggestions
on issues such as illegal immigration.
Some merely shook their
heads in silent disapproval.
“I don’t think it’s feasible, it
would be impossible to make Mexico
cover the expenses of the wall,”
junior Rutva Shah said.
Trump simply shrugged off the
protestors and continued the rally.


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