The new phase of the Hawk Eye paper

Mikayla Mason

GS is gone. Now what?
The Hawk Eye and Michael Goodrich-
Stuart have been synonymous
since its start in 2004. Eleven years
later, The Hawk Eye faces a major
change without its fearless leader.
Lisa Martin, an English and Mass
Communications teacher, has taken
over the Newspaper class.
“The Hawk Eye is such an incredibly
well-run machine that sliding
into this position has been a pleasure.
The staff has been so professional
and welcoming that it’s quickly becoming
one of my favorite classes.”
Martin said.
Georgia Geen, our new Editor-In-
Chief, is also ready to take on the
challenges that face the newspaper
team this year.
“It is going to be challenging for this
year because we are such a new paper
and new style and facing a lot of
changes. I want to carry on the culture
and traditions of the newspaper
even though we are new. I want to
keep it the same but I don’t want to
be afraid to change things that need
to be changed.” Geen said.
The members of the Hawk Eye
share her positivity and have a bright
outlook on the future of the award
winning paper.
“It was student run to begin with,
even though he [Goodrich-Stuart]
was a great presence we’re still going
to be great. I mean, we are with great
people,” Entertainment Reporter
Madeline Wheeler said.
“I would like to think that it will be
as good as it was, but I guess we will
have to wait and see,” Sports Reporter
Willie Sadler said.
The Hawk Eye has high hopes for
taking on the new phase of the paper
and remains optimistic.
Sadler’s co-Sports reporter held the
same sentiment.
“It will be different, but it could be
a good different,” Jack Procter said.


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