The Halloween Scrooge

Rahul Zota

Halloween, the day we all dress
up as monsters and ghouls and say
those three wonderful words: “trick
or treat”. What could be better than
scaring people and getting candy for
it? It seems like everyone should be
unified in the celebration of Halloween,
however there are some individuals
who feel like “miserable,
bitter old misers, who hate irrational
things like happiness generosity and
Halloween” and seek to destroy the
Halloween spirit. Nobody knows why
this “Halloween Scrooge” does this.
He just does.
On Halloween, one of the
great traditions is to carve
pumpkins and put them on
your porch for everybody to
see, but not if you are like
the Halloween Scrooge. No,
the Halloween Scrooge will
go to someone else’s porch
and steal every single pumpkin
and put them in his little
trash bag. Then he’ll proceed to
burn the trash bag.
Does that sound despicable? That
is probably the most nice the Halloween
Scrooge will do in his attempt to
ruin everyone’s Halloween spirit.
Another way to celebrate Halloween
is people making their homes into
terrifying haunted houses, filled with
spiders, broken mirrors, and anything
the deep demonic soul can think of.
Nope, The Halloween Scrooge will
be also known as the destroyer
of haunted houses, he will single handedly destroy
every haunted house he
comes across and will not rest unless all the
haunted houses in his reach have been
annihilated! The Halloween Scrooge
is truly sinister- the definition of evil.
On Halloween people give out
candy and spread the Halloween
spirit! No, not if you are the Halloween
Scrooge. The Halloween Scrooge
thinks of candy as a type of evil,
he believes candy should never be given to kids.
He believes the only food that kids
should eat on Halloween should be
celery. When kids come to home of
the Halloween Scrooge, they will enter
his evil lair expecting the perfect
choclately treat, but no the Halloween
Scrooge will tremble them in fear
with only celery, without ranch even.
Why does the Halloween Scrooge
do all of this? Nobody knows. Legend
tells that the Halloween Scrooge is
a dentist, who seeks to destroy Halloween
due to the amount of cavities
candy can create. Perhaps he
feels that the world has done
him wrong or perhaps he feels
that he is actually doing well,
in his own insane thinking.
But inevitably, every
year on Halloween, the
Halloween Scrooge will
learn that Halloween isn’t
just for giving out candy
and scare people to their
core, no. Halloween is all
about people coming together
and uniting for a bigger cause
and demonstrating to the world
people can unite over anything even
the tremendous fear from monsters
and ghouls.


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