Strings haunting Halloween event

Caroline Tucker

It’s that anticipated time of year
again where the scary strings students
don their costumes, raise their bows
and play the most hair raising songs
they can find. On October 29, the orchestra
students performed for their
annual Halloween Concert.
Grades 7 through 12 walked onto
the stage of HHS to perform their
spooktacular show for friends, family
and orchestra enthusiasts. Each
grade performed different selections,
but came together to play “Monster
Mash”, a classic Halloween song.
“It’s kind of a spooky upbeat song,”
senior Montana Bowman said.
The ensemble class’s pieces were
“Rise and Eating Zombies” and
“Zombie Tango.”
“Our songs had a lot to do with
zombies and being really dark, so we
kept a creepy theme throughout. We
wanted to do a classical theme, but
keep it scary at the same time,” sophomore
Julie Lipscomb said.
The advanced class played “The
Ghost of Brandon Burke,” “Tango
Noir” and “Waltz of the Wicked.
“I think my favorite song was The
Ghost of Brandon Burke,” Bowman
said, “It’s a combination of Bach and
his sixth concerto of the Brandon
Burke and it’s so cool. I really love it.”
Among all the spooky songs, some
of the orchestra students decided to
keep it happy with some bright costumes.
“Last year I went to the concert as
a deer,” Bowman said, “but this year I
decided to go as a gypsy.”
Some students decided to stick
with the dark theme of the concert
and matched their costumes to their
class’s sselections.
“I dressed up as a gothic girl,” Lipscomb
Sometimes the seniors decide to
band together to do group costumes.
Last year the senior girls went as the
Disney princesses, but this year the
seniors fended for themselves.
At the end of the night, after the
students had shuffled off stage and
all awards had been presented, each
guest left with a goody bag filled with
tasty Halloween candy. Hair raising
music and Halloween candy, who
could ask for more?


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