Staff swaps

Sara Bossert

With a new school year comes
new students and teachers.
In this case, there have been
a large number of teachers being
replaced. Last year many of
HHS’s respected teachers made
the decision to either retire or to
move on from Hanover County
and teach at a different school.
We lost teachers such as Michael
Goodrich-Stuart, Francis McMillian,
Victoria Hutto, Sandra Harris,
Charla Godfrey and Dan Bartels.
Some new teachers include,
Erin MacPherson, Emily Fleisher,
Jennifer White and Meg Sheriff.
“Hanover High School is cloud
nine, the dream school, compared
to some of the schools I was at in
Newport News. There are so few
behavior issues, the kids are so
polite and everyone is so supportive.
It’s a great place to be,” said
Erin MacPherson, a new English
teacher at HHS.
For some teachers this is their
first full teaching job and for others
they have experience in the
field of dealing with high school
students. The English department
gained the most teachers
with their number of new
teachers being four. The science
department gained three new
teachers. All departments gained
new additions.


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