Riding solo to hoco?

Kirby Lawrence

A student’s Homecoming entourage
has been a long debated topic: to
bring a date or to go with a group of
friends? As October 10 approaches,
Homecoming has become one of the
main subjects of discussion.
This year, homecoming will be
Paris themed. As always, homecoming
is taking place in the HHS cafeteria.
Tickets will be sold during
lunches in the lunches leading up to
All that’s left is to pick out a dress
or a suit, and most importantly, a date.
If you wish to bring a date that’s
not from HHS, remember they must
be not be from a middle school and
if they attend another high school it
is important that you pick up a form
before the dance and have your date
fill it out.
“I go with a group. It’s more fun to
go with my friends and a lot less pressure
than staying only with a date. I’m
like a nomad,” senior Faith Knabenshue
Other students prefer the company
of a date. Senior Liam Silver, for example,
loves going to Homecoming
with his girlfriend, Senior Ashley
Beasley. They have gone for the past
three years and plan to go together
again this year. Talk about couple
goals! Silver said, “I like
spending time in the school
cafeteria with my ‘bonbon,’”
a name Ashley does
not seem to care much for.
He also said that he prefers
spending time with “someone
of his choice rather than a group.”
Sophomore Brock Hubbard agrees
with Silver’s view. “I am most looking forward
to spending time with (and matching) my
date.” Hubbard said. He plans on going with
his date to dinner afterwards.
But not all students are “homecoming
veterans.” Some have never been
“I’m looking forward to going for
the first time,” senior Drew Heinsus
said. The reason he had never gone
in the past was because his friends are “anti-social”
and don’t care much for
Another well-debated topic is how to
ask that special guy or girl to the dance
in the perfect way. Senior Laurel Kalinowski
said that her perfect asking is, “Something stupid
cheesy kinda like a pun. It would definitely
have to be in front of my friends for a
good laugh.”
Valerie Mitchell, also a senior,
agrees, “It has to be in a big way!
Not necessarily in front of people, but
with effort put in.”
From junior Becka Russo’s perspective,
“When a guy asks me, it has to be
unexpected. I like it when it’s just us.
Friends can influence a girl’s decision
and pressure her.”
Junior Pierce Downey says that he
would ask a girl by “singing her a song.
Preferably one from Ed Sheeran.”
Downey also said that girls can ask
guys, but that it could get awkward.
Other helpful suggestions came
from senior Cole Carlisle. He found
out how his date wanted to be asked
through social media. “When I was
wondering how my date wanted to
be asked, I checked Twitter. Girls
put what they want on social media.
My date wanted Chick-fil-A, so that’s
what I got her. Remember one thing:
girls love food.”
Keeping their statements in mind,
remember to think about the individual
you want to ask and if you are like
Cole Carlisle, make sure you do your
research. Is your potential date outgoing?
Quiet? Regardless, if you go with
or without a date, use good judgment
and remember, the most important
thing to do is to have fun.


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