PSAT redesign makes juniors want to whine

Giles VanHuss

The PSAT is usually reserved for
only sophomores, but due to the SAT
redesign, all juniors are now required
to take this preparatory exam. This
test was given on October 14 and 28
and many students were required to
The students who have already
taken the actual SAT are very excited
about taking this PSAT. “Even though
I already took the SAT and got a 1400
and probably won’t ever take the new
SAT, I am super excited to take this
new PSAT, it will honestly be a life
changing experience. junior Ronald
A. Pagsbok
“I love tests! It is one of the best
feelings in the world to have a pencil
in hand and having limited time
to finish!” junior Edgar G. Toets said.
Toets is an avid test taker, who takes
up to 20 tests every two weeks and
even takes practice tests to prepare
for said tests.
So why rewrite the SAT? Well,
the ACT, a competitor in the industry
of taking one’s money, has shown to
pass the SAT in amount of test takers
in 2012. The SAT, fretting that more
money won’t be pulled from students,
decided to try to increase the amount
of test taking students by taking the
route of scrapping the old one instead
of improving it.
“I believe [the rewrite] is the most
efficient and effective route, it provides
juniors with another PSAT to
take, which will definitely make them
even more excited for the actual SAT
even more,” HHS teacher Ann Scrúdú
III said.
Scrúdú teaches a class at HHS that
is completely based upon test taking
which has become popular with the
increasing amount of statewide and
national tests. It provides the basics
that can’t be covered fully in class,
like filling in the circles efficiently
and how to make a perfect fetal position
for when a student collapses
under the pressure of so many tests
throughout the year.
The PSAT also holds importance
with the parents of participating
sophomores and juniors. Provë Hensworth
is the parent of a junior about
to retake the PSAT.
“I think that this test should be of
the upmost importance to students. I
mean, why shouldn’t students retake
a test because of minor changes to the
actual test?”
In August, a study was done by the
private testing business Sinnloss. After
a month of research, the company
came to the conclusion that the PSAT
is one of the most important and
useful tests of a young student’s life.
The study concluded that due to its
timed nature and test-like structure,
it seemed like a legitimate test, when
it really has no effect on your grade or
value as a person.
The PSAT will give students
knowledge and an outlook on what
they will be dealing with during the
actual SAT, which tests their ability
to take the SAT, and juniors have the
privilege of taking this practice exam
again this year.


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