Our Friday Night Football Fanatics

Emmi Burke

Friday night lights. The game that
brings together the entire school.
Every Friday hundreds of students
dress up in themed outfits and go to
cheer on the HHS football team. Each week, the
Hawks Nest is overflowing with
cheering fans.
Football games are THE
place to be on Friday nights.
Being in the south, football is a rite of passage.
High school football games are
a small town’s way of banding together. They
bring together all the people
of the school, regardless of grade,
friends, social interests and hobbies.
The Hawks Nest is the melting pot of
But what makes Friday night football
more special a game than other
sports? Why are students willing to
return to school after hours for this
sport and not others?
“In football games you get to dress
up and wear all different types of crazy
outfits to support the team. This is
something you don’t get to experience
in different types of sports events,” junior
Grace Crook said.
“Because of this, I have been to every game
except for three since my freshman year. I love that
the whole school is able to come together
as one.”
Even those in other sports are
willing to admit that football attracts
more of a crowd. However, other
athletes are accepting of this fact and
have learned to play for themselves,
not just for the audience.
Sophomore, Alexis Slicker, plays
for theVarsity Field Hockey team.
“Even though not a lot of people
show up for our games, it doesn’t
make me upset because I find
that it is less pressure for me
if my friends and school mates aren’t there
watching,” Slicker said.
Friday night football games are chances to
socialize and come together
as friends. It’s a part of who we
are and though unfair to
other sports, football is still the most
popular and talked about activity around.


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