IB art projects spread awarness

Jordan Clark


Senior Jennifer Tignor works on her metal tree project for IB Art. Photo by Jordan Clark

The International Baccalaureate
art class of HHS brings awareness to
the environmental issues around the
world with their projects that they
worked on in the month of October.
The assignment consisted of materials
that humans typically recycle or
throw away.
“You had to find a meaning or
cause and be able to show it throughout
the piece with the trash or material
of your choosing,” junior Alyssa
Gorman said.
Usually the students use clay or
make 2D projects, but this sculpture
assignment allowed the creators to
step outside of their comfort zone.
Since it is an IB class, it allows the
students to challenge themselves artistically.
“The most difficult part of the project
was the fact that I have never tried
something like this before. I had to do
a lot of experimenting to find out how
to cut the CDs into shards and the
format of the sculpture,” senior Maria
Fuerte said.
Fuerte used old CDs that were sitting
in her room unused. She made a
paper mache fox with the broken up
CDs as the texture of the fur. Other
students used old computer parts,
window panels, or bottles to execute
the elaborate project. Sami Livingston
made a lamp out of soda tabs, a wine
bottle and moss to show emphasis on
the destruction of the environment
around mankind.
Many students had taken this as
their chance to show the school their
thoughts about environmental problems.
“I created a tree that branches, no
pun intended, off from the Dr. Suess
story, “The Lorax” because it resembles
the metal trees we will have in
the future if we continue cutting
down and destroying the real trees
we have now,” senior Jennifer Tignor
Other students teamed up together
to complete this rigorous challenge of
displaying the materials recycled. The
project required many techniques of
the art industry to be used and was
very elaborate.
“Megan Lane and I partnered up
and made a panda bear out of paper
mache. We used bottles, cans and
newspaper with the entire project
wrapped up in gummy bears,” Gorman
The IB project allows for the students
to demonstrate the variety of
techniques and skills they have obtained
throughout their art classes
while spreading awareness of environmental


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