Homecoming parade celebrates spirit of the student body

Callie Robinson


Freshman students enthusiactically cheer for the freshman class on their float during the Homecoming parade. Photo by Caroline Fornili

Nothing sets the excitement level
high for a football game like a preceding
parade. The HHS Homecoming
Parade has been a long withstanding
tradition that is anticipated
by members of all types of HHS activities.
This year was no different.
About two hours before the
Homecoming game against Highland
Springs, the parade participants
began lining up.
The Homecoming Court nominees
that had been announced at
that morning’s pep rally milled
around chatting with each other,
putting finishing touches on their
car setups.
“You get to walk down in front of
everyone at the pep rally that morning
and then people see you at the
parade. It’s a lot of preparation getting
the car and decorating it, but it
makes for a fun and busy weekend,”
Erin Watkins, senior and returning
nominee, said.
Meanwhile, club participants began
arriving, finding their groups
and getting ready to show off their
floats. A large variety of clubs are
featured every year, from foreign
language clubs to the SODA Club.
“Since I’m involved in several
clubs, I’ve been in the parade before.
I like it because it’s a ton of
energy and I like showing school
spirit,” senior Stephanie Mayle said.
Clubs meet together weeks before
the parade to begin volunteering to
design and participate in the float.
While many clubs choose to walk
the parade route, some still get together
to build a vehicle-based float.
The grade level floats are always
some of the largest, with volunteers
from each graduating class grouping
together to decorate a large float
with their peers.
The marching band was also a
part of the float lineup this year,
as always. The homecoming parade
is the first of several parades for
the band throughout their season,
as they will go on to participate in
multiple Christmas parades as well.
“It’s a different experience being
in the parade because you get
to see it unfold from start to finish.
You get to have a moving viewpoint
of the parade instead of just being
a spectator,” band member Sophie
Harrison said.
After putting on another successful
parade, the participants joined
the rest of the supportive Hanover
community to cheer on the Hawks
in their 13th Homecoming game.
. At halftime, Marcus Bazala and
Mary Grace Broaddus were crowned
Homecoming King and Queen.
And while the game was a tough
loss, school spirit wasn’t diminished
in the least and HHS students went
on to enjoy a fun night of dancing.



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