Giles VanHuss

Hawk Media is the Twitter account
of both The Hawk Eye newspaper and
Aerie yearbook. Through this account,
student followers will access news provided
by the newspaper and yearbook
staffs as well as polls and other features.
“We created @HHSHawkMedia in
an effort to streamline, and therefore
unify, the media messages coming
from both the newspaper and yearbook
staff,” Lisa Martin said. Martin teaches
the newspaper, yearbook and multiple
English courses.
Through Twitter, both the Hawk
Eye and Aerie will gather information
for their publications. The account
will also advertise the publications and
make the information gathering process
more efficient by allowing student
opinions to be directly collected.
Students will now have easy access to
new information about the publications
of both classes. In addition, yearbook
will give small previews of what will be
featured in the finished publication.
“In addition to becoming a source of
HHS news, we’ll use this platform to
point our followers to various articles in
the newspaper website as well as ‘leaks’
from the yearbook. We want to become
a relevant source of news for HHS,”
Martin said.
Newspaper and yearbook students
will also be using Twitter to live tweet
events happening around the school.
So, for example, students would receive
tweets and updates about the scores of
sporting events like soccer, football and
Hawk Media hopes to create an atmosphere
that will attract students to each
classes’ publication and increase the


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