HHS predicts four team college playoff

Cole Carlisle

It was once thought this decade of
college football would be dominated by
the likes of SEC teams such as Alabama,
LSU and Florida. That all changed when
college football established a four team
playoff system that took place for the
first time last year.
“It’s a good thing for college football,
because I think there are too many good
teams that end up with good records
and if you have just two teams, then a
one loss team has no chance at making
the championship,” HHS teacher Bill
Wheaton said.
Before the recently altered postseason
plan, college football was operating
under the Bowl Championship Series
(BCS) to determine the top two teams
to play in the National Championship.
The BCS, established in 1998, was a
computer generated ranking system
that factored in numerous components.
The system lasted for 16 years, nine of
the national champions which were
crowned to SEC teams.
Last year’s playoff consisted of four
teams from four different conferences:
Alabama (SEC), Oregon (Pac12), Florida
State (ACC) and Ohio State (Big Ten).
The first of the two semifinal games
featured top seeded Alabama, and
fourth seeded Ohio State. The Buckeyes
entered the game as nine point underdogs
and starting third string quarterback,
Cardale Jones.
But that didn’t stop Ohio State from
running all over the Crimson Tide,
combining for 281 rushing yards and
coming out on top 42-35.
Ohio State would meet the Oregon
Ducks, led by quarterback Marcus
Mariota in the national championship.
The Ducks were a force to be reckoned
with, dominating any team they faced
by their explosive offense. Ohio State
slowed down the highly powered offense,
ousting the Ducks 42-20.
With a new season upon us, many
football fans are making their predictions
for this year’s college football playoff.
Here at Hanover, we asked several
teachers and avid football fans who they
had playing for it all at the end of the
Brian Letourneau, a history teacher,
had OSU, Clemson, Alabama, and a surprise
pick of one loss UCLA on his list,
saying that he believed they could win
out in the competitive PAC 12.
Marcus Bazala, star quarterback at
Hanover, had the high scoring Hornfrogs
of TCU, OSU, LSU, and Alabama
on his list. Bazala’s playoff would include
two SEC teams but no representation
from the PAC 12.
Aaron Bradley, the wrestling coach
and PE teacher at Hanover, said he believed
that Florida State would win out
in the less than competitive ACC, while
also adding TCU, Alabama, and OSU to
his list.
A common denominator on these
lists is last year’s champion, the Buckeyes
of Ohio State. Can their offense get
it together and pull off a repeat or will
a new team be crowned as the king of
college football?


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