Hawks start undefeated

Jack Proctor


Rebecca Hoover sets ball for Hawk teammates to kill versus ArmstrongKim Aldous

Within the next few weeks, all volleyball
teams across the region will
be making final preparations for the
postseason. Momentum is the biggest
deciding factor near the season’s end.
Teams will try to notch a few wins
and enter the playoffs with momentum
on their side.
The HHS girls volleyball team has
had all of the momentum on their
side since the start of the season. This
should help them to achieve their
predetermined goal, which involves
some hardware.
“I think momentum is a huge deal
in the post season, especially because
each game puts you in a higher position
in the state. Also, if you are
gaining momentum each time, it better
prepares you for what is next,”
senior right side Leila Haynesworth
This momentum has arisen through
a strong 13-3 start. They have blown
out many opponents including Patrick
Henry, winning that one in just
three sets. Pulling out tough wins over
Midlothian High School and Atlee
High School were also huge momentum
builders. Their success can be
contributed to the play of everyone.
“We are basically a tight-knit family.
We all know which buttons to
press and which buttons not to press
with each other. When we are playing
we never let anyone get down on
themselves and hold each other accountable.
Knowing which buttons
to press has been valuable in game
situations,” sophomore defensive specialist
Lauren Hughes said.
The team being a second family to
its members has inspired and allowed
all of them to play their best.
This bond between the team should
keep their performance strong when
they need it most and enable them to
prevail in tough situations. For this
reason it is evident that the Hawks
have what it takes and are fully capable
of going far into the postseason.
Despite the hype surrounding the
team, they know that they need to
finish off the season how they started
it. In order to do this they must keep
working and keep preparing. Staying
focused and will be crucial to a late
postseason run.
“One of our goals is to finish the
regular season strongly. We want to
win every game out. We have been
preparing by bringing in alumni and
older players to practice with us and
against us to keep our level of play
high. Our big thing has been how intense
can we keep our practice to keep
focus. We want to end out our regular
season undefeated and to continue to
raise the level of practice,” Karl Lippa
Having an experienced team will
be helpful in keeping everyone focused.
The Hawks have six seniors,
five of whom have played for over
three years. This could be important
when games get close in the playoffs.
“In matches, our experience should
help us to keep our heads in the game,”
Lippa said.
There is no doubt that this team has
the talent and work ethic to go far. If
the team can stay fixed on preparation
and playing at full potential then the
Hawks will be in great shape to make
a late postseason run.


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