Fantasy contributes to fan excitement

Jack Proctor

One of the most anticipated times
of the year is football season. The
sound of pads pounding, helmets
clashing, and whistles blowing excites
many people. This is largely due
to the increasing popularity of fantasy
football. Many hours of late
August are spent running through
countless mock drafts to insure success
in the upcoming season. Participants
do not take the actual draft
“I spent about two hours doing research
on different players and ended
up going through three mock drafts,”
sophomore Andy Loce said.
With fantasy football comes many
traditions; the draft is the biggest of
which. The draft is the most important
part of the season because it is
what will determine one’s success
throughout the season. Different
fantasy football leagues offer variety
in the types of drafts.
These many different kinds of
drafts are separated into two main
categories: online and offline drafts,
offline drafts being the favorite.
“Offline drafts are fun because
there is food and you get to hang out
with friends. I can also feel the tension
in the air,” sophomore Michael
Chin said.
Every league follows close to the
same draft pattern. The first picks
for teams are almost always running
backs or quarterbacks which are then
followed by wide receivers. These
players are always drafted first because
they earn the most points on a
weekly basis.
Another tradition that changes
with the league is the prize. Almost
all leagues have a prize in place for
the future champion. Some leagues
have an annual trophy while others
play for money.
For leagues involving money,
there is an entry fee set in place at the
beginning of the season. The money
is collected by the commissioner
from all of the participants and he
will keep it during the season. This
money will be given to the champion
at the end of the season.
All leagues have a total of 16 roster
spots per team. What changes in
each league is how it is scored. There
are default scoring scales and then
PPR (points per reception) leagues.
PPR leagues are much higher
scoring than other leagues and rely
on skill players like wide receivers
rather than quarterbacks. In normal
default leagues the running backs and
quarterbacks score the most on average.
No matter what kind of league it
is, fantasy football manages to make
actual football games more interesting.
The games have more meaning
when a player’s performance can
make or break a season for someone.


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