College application

Sam Johnson

The school year has begun, and for
many it is the final time. The seniors
this year are nearing the conclusion
of their journey through high school
and have a variety of paths that they
can choose from, most of which are
pointing towards furthering their
education at a college or university.
Many seniors are in the process of
applying to colleges, and some are
even receiving early acceptance.
“Applying was really easy, everything
was online, and it was really
self-explanatory.” said Rebecka
Hicks, who has received early acceptance
form Lynchburg University,
a private college in Virginia.
Senior Connor Parsley had a differing
experience from Hicks. For him
the application process was rigorous.
“Higher-up schools, like Pratt, require
a higher level of thinking,”
Parsley explained. Because of this,
the applications have been more laborious.
College applications cause these
studetns to take a long and often
strenuous look at themselves. And
looking in the mirror, for most students,
makes them have to dig back
into their past and remembert all
the details.
As each senior begins to plan for
just where they will go once they
walk across the stage in June, the
pressure on students to make such
huge decions,is weighing down on
“I haven’t looked into college applications
yet because I am afraid of
it all,” senior Elizabeth Hines stated.
Seniors are facing a lot of pressure to
make a decion and it is not surprsing
that some freeze under the pressure.
There are some seniors who have
not given college much thought yet.
These students have a basic plan
for what they are doing after high
“I’m just focusing on getting
through high school and getting
good grades,” senior Bob Ramirez
said. Ramirez is focusing more on
life right now instead of stressing
about college applications.
Instead of facing the stress and
reflection that college applications
cause seniors, some students are not
focusing on that part of the futurejust
Realizing that these essays, information
and details have the power
to affect what school you go to is
shocking for many.
Senior Faith Knabenshue wants to
pursue theater once she graduates
from Hanover.
“I don’t really know what I am doing
after high school or after college,
I just want to get out of this state”
Knabenshue said.
Surely, no matter what choices we
make after high school, we will all
be building a better life for ourselves
and our community.


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