Hoco dress for success

Peyton Upshaw

A young man named Taylor needed
desperate help to get his senior
pictures taken, so he scheduled an appointment
for the first senior pictures
studio available. GET PICTURES TODAY!
This was alarming because they
only had two stars on Yelp. Since,
every other place was booked, Taylor
had no choice.
Taylor walked into the studio
and sat down while his mother Lina
walked up to the desk and checked
him in. The studio was packed. Lina
wrote down Taylor’s name below the
six others waiting in line. They
sat in the waiting room watching
TV. Ironically, Taylor’s favorite
show was on: Keeping up
with the Kardashians.
Eventually the photographer
called his name. “Taylor!
Please come around!” The
dressing lady was standing in
disbelief, and when the photographer
came in she looked at
Taylor and Lina and then back
at the clipboard… “I think we’ve
made a mistake.” she said. After
talking to her photographer for what
seemed like an eternity, the photographer
and the dressing lady walked in
and admitted that they thought Taylor
was a girl’s name. The studio had
bought a blue sparkly dress instead
of a tuxedo for Taylor. After a few
minutes of arguing between Lina and
the photographer, Taylor stepped in
and started to join in the fun. Taylor
was super annoyed. He said he would
rather not have his picture taken at all
rather than it be taken in a dress.
The photographer stood
there looking as clueless
as a baby chicken. “Embrace it Taylor.
Look at you, you’re a decent
looking kid, you could probably
make this work, c’mon give it a
shot buddy.”
Taylor blushed a little and finally
said, “I don’t know.”
“You’ll be fine! You’ll look great!”
Taylor said “Whatever, What do I
have to lose?” And then rushed into
the dressing room, while his mom
wasn’t looking.
Taylor walked out with
the whole dress on, even
though it was kinda tight. Taylor
freaked the heck out. He looked at the
photographer and told her she was as dumb
as a rock for making him do this. He
started tearing off the dress, like
The Incredible Hulk.
After Taylor totally destroyed
his dress, he ran into the car and his mom
looked at him like he was
Crazy Steve  and he never
ever got his senior pictures
done again.


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