Unsung heroes of high school sports

James Norman

Every sport has them. The unsung
heroes, who go out and grind with
the rest of their teammates, yet don’t
get the respect they deserve from the
public. This article is dedicated to those
For too long, defense has been an underappreciated
part of sports. Whether
it’s a defender in soccer, or a goalie in
lacrosse, they are not appreciated as
they should be. They are a team’s last
resort. The last line to cross, and they’re
the ones who need more attention than
they get.
“Me, personally, I feel like I’m appreciated
by my team, I feel like everyone
realizes how important every guy
is. You can’t win without every guy
pulling his weight, but I feel like when
it comes to newspaper and press, they
report the guy who scores the goal, but
don’t realize the guy who stopped the
goal two plays earlier,” junior David
Dustin said.
“I don’t get any goals or anything, so
I can’t be put in the newspaper like forwards
can,” junior Kristin Yeager said.
Not many people know this, but every
tennis player counts just as much
as the next one. What this means, is
that the number one ranked tennis
player and the number ten ranked tennis
player, both count equally towards
the score at the end of the day. So if the
number one loses, but the number ten
wins, that means that the team is going
to be 1-1 for the day.
Senior Tommy Newton is a tennis
player who was recently brought up to
Varsity on the team. He won his first
match, and he’s a leader on the team.
“I think I’m pretty important as a
leader. And I believe that in order for
a team to function, they need all kinds
of character,” Newton said, “I think
that when you’re there to play, you just
have to go out there and play.”
Lastly, one of the vastly underrated
players on any team, is the leader.
The leader is the person who helps
the team move forward. The leader is
the person who helps the team whether
they win or lose. The leader is the
person who team members look up to,
after a tough match. Here is a salute to
you for being there for the team, no
matter what.


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