Experience anchoring Hawks Tennis

Zach Palmer

With the postseason right around
the corner, the girls tennis team at
Hanover has established themselves
as one of the favorites to win the conference
Their one loss to Midlothian was
nothing to slouch at, since Midlothian
advanced all the way to the state
championship last year.
“Midlothian has always been a
tough opponent for us, but it’s good to
play teams like them to give us a good
feel of where we stand compared to
some of the top teams in the area,” junior
Caroline Hare said.
Hare and senior Jordan McFee
have anchored the team all season,
with a combined record of 22 and 4.
“I’ve been coming to practice every
day with the goal to get better and
show leadership skills to help the rest
of the team get better,” McFee said.
The regular season matches have
been looked upon as tune up matches
for the team. Facing the teams of Varina,
Highland Springs and Armstrong
have been nothing more than the expected
9-0 shutout wins for the lady
“Playing in matches against these
teams give our junior varsity players
the opportunity to play in varsity situations.
It also lets some of the varsity
players relax and watch some of our
teammates play doubles,” freshman
Mattie Moon said.
The toughest two opponents this
year for the Hawks have been Midlothian
and Glen Allen. The team faced
Glen Allen at home earlier in the year,
coming out on top. Hanover headed
into doubles against Glen Allen leading
4 games to 2. They then swept all
three doubles matches to defeat the
Jaguars 7-2.
Midlothian is the defending 4A
state champions. Freshmen Mattie
Moon and Brooke Kazelskis were the
only two singles winners that day for
the team, forcing the Trojans to play
Midlothian went on to win all three
doubles matches and the match 7-2.
“I think it’s good to play Midlothian
at least once in the regular season
to get a scouting report of them
for the future,” sophomore Taylor
Smith said.
The Hawks, with a few wins in
the conference tournament, will
face Glen Allen in the semifinals and
Midlothian in the championship, in
hopes of redemption from their regular
season loss.



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