Seniors receive finacial aid

Kayla Oakley & Nikki Petzer0003

Seniors design paper graduation caps to display in the office windows. Kali Wright

Scholarship applications are an important,
yet sometimes overlooked,
aspect of the college admission process
and Hanover seniors are taking on the
challenges they impose.
“[The scholarship I won] was from
my dad’s work. You had to be in relation
to someone who works for Altria
[to apply],” senior Meredith Cox said.
“You had to write an essay [about]
your occupational goals and what
you plan on doing at whatever school
you’re going to.”
Although it wasn’t mentally difficult
to complete, collecting all the
paperwork and organizing the documents
proved to be a challenge for
“It was difficult just because of the
whole logistics of it all. I had to go get
all of these transcripts and the forms
were kind of confusing but besides
that, the essay wasn’t that bad,” Cox
Cox plans on attending Virginia
Tech in the fall, a college whose projected
tuition lands at a $23,941.
“I had gotten into Tech, [and] I
was definitely going there, but [I applied]
because I needed money [and]
it’s really expensive no matter where
you go,” Cox said. “[I received] $2,000
[from the scholarship].”
Like Cox, senior Michelle Knizner
will be attending Virginia Tech with
a scholarship. Knizner applied for the
Pamplin Scholarship Award in the fall
by writing an essay about leadership
decisions and detailing her extracurricular
activities. She was chosen as
the one student from Hanover High
School to be considered for the 40
scholarship spots available.
As a Pamplin Scholar, Knizner is
expected to pursue honors courses, but
regardless of the scholarship, she had
already enrolled and been accepted into
the Virginia Tech honors program.
When people think of scholarships,
they often think of full rides or scholarships
that pay for the vast majority
of their college education, but in reality,
most scholarships are small and it
takes many of them to add up to a significant
Senior Allison Burns, for example,
has been awarded about seven scholarships
and is still waiting for a response
from a few others.
Some of the scholarships that she
has earned are the Playing with Purpose
Athletic Scholarship, the Colonial
Farm Credit Scholarship and the
Horatio Alger Scholarship. She is also
a finalist in the Lexus of Richmond
Pursuit of Perfection Scholarship,
which she hopes to add her impressive
number of scholarships.
“My mom views scholarships as my
job. You can spend two hours working,
and you can potentially get anywhere
from $500 to $5,000, and it only
takes two hours of your time to fill out
the application,” Burns said.
Burns described a lot of the scholarship
requirements and essay topics as
“It’s just a matter of revising [your
essay] and re-editing it and redoing
what you have already done to apply
to other scholarships,” she said.
Last year, the senior class of 2014
earned over $1,000,000 in scholarships
and grants. Will the class of 2015 rise
to the challenge?


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