End of year finals approach

Kali Wright

With the end of the 2014-2015
school year quickly approaching,
students and faculty alike are dealing
with a variety of emotions.
While summer is a perk to the
school year ending, the students
must first overcome the obstacle of
final exams. But the teachers don’t
have it much easier — they have to
prepare their students for these exams.
This year, final exams are being
taken during the second week of
June, from June 8 to June 11. Fortunately
for students wanting a break
from all of their schoolwork, June
11 is also their last day of school.
Faculty members are to stay at
school the Friday after exams, June
12. They must also attend graduation
on Saturday night, June 13.
Teachers may then start their summer
break after graduation.
While students tend to dislike
taking their final exams, it is safe
to say that most realize the importance
of these exams and therefore
take them seriously. Finals are a
representation of how much information
the student has retained
throughout the year. Much like
midterm exams, final exams count
as one-seventh of your semester
However, some students don’t
agree with final exams whatsoever.
“By the time the work is put in
for them, most people have stressed
over them and a lot of people don’t
get a good grade on them anyway,”
sophomore Rachel Dunham said.


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