The curtain has finally closed

Georgia Geen



Sound FX dance and sing their hearts out at Manchester, which won them the title of Grand Champions. Caleb Sanford

Unlike performances earlier in
the school year, the echoes of the last
notes sang by Hanover’s choir department
will not be replaced by other
melodies any time soon. Specifically,
until September, as the chorus performed
their end of the year concert
on May 19 in the Hanover auditorium.
This season has been a historic one
for Sound FX, Hanover’s mixed show
choir. For the first time, the group has
gone undefeated, winning the title of
Grand Champions at every competition
they attended. As a result, Sound
FX is now classified as the number
one high school show choir in the
state of Virginia.
“At the second [competition] the
microphone wasn’t on,” senior Kristina
Hicks said, “I was like, ‘You know
what? Don’t let it faze you.’ I kept on
walking, kept on singing and picked
up one of the microphones that was
on the floor.”
Hicks was awarded the titles of
Best Soloist and Best Performer at this
competition, despite the technical
difficulties with the microphone.
“Something that was responsible
for our success was the hard work that
people put in outside of school, that
was something that helped tremendously,”
Hicks said.
Hicks is a member of Sound FX and
Mixed Chamber, “Some of the boys
ended up doing Sunday afternoon tap
lessons every Sunday for eight weeks.”
Highlights, the all-girls choir, has
also had a notable season, winning
many second place awards, titles of
Best Vocals and the title of Grand
Champions at Manchester, the last
competition they attended this season.
Each choral group performed in
the concert, consisting of the two
show choirs, Mixed Chamber, Beginning
Choir, Girls’ Choir and Men’s
Chorus. The groups spent their class
blocks preparing for the concert.
The two show choirs performed
their shows that they competed with
during the busiest part of show choir
season, in February and March. The
standstill choirs selected new songs
specifically for the concert.
Many of the Hanover choirs frequently
perform songs in other languages.
“The girls’ show choir has a French
piece,” Hicks said, “Mr. Barrack really
likes diversity, so every year we do a
song in another language and we always
do a gospel song.”
Mixed Chamber Singers (a standstill
choir) performed “Music in My
Soul” and “This Marriage” along with
Sound FX as one standstill choir.
Later, Sound FX exited the stage and
Mixed Chamber performed “Wayward
Son” alone, in addition to other
“The director for Atlee’s choir
wrote two pieces he was doing with
his [choir] and he allowed us to come
and sing, so we performed those two
pieces,” Hicks said.
It’s not uncommon for students to
be members of multiple choirs, since
many enjoy performing in a show
choir in addition to a standstill chorus.
Sound FX and Highlights concluded
the event with their performances,
along with the members of the Show
Band who play the accompanying
instrumentals. After a journey beginning
in August with the annual dance
camp, where the choreography is
learned, each choir performed their
last show as a group.


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