Students come out as thespians

Caroline Tucker

On May 29 in Hanover High
School’s auditorium, new students
were welcomed into the ranks of the
International Thespian Society, or
ITS. For those who aren’t familiar
with the theatre lingo, a thespian
is an actor or actress.
Seventeen students were accepted
into this high ranking
honor society. It is considered
a great honor to be invited to
join ITS. Some famous members
of this exclusive club
include Dick Van Dyke, Madonna
and John Goodman.
This year, the new members
include: Hannah Smith,
Grant Bennett, Hannah
Reichel, J.P. Wayson, Brittney
Nadeau, Taghrid Solimon, Izzy
Murray, Andy Wright, Aniya
Woodson, Laura Swain, Navaz
Dolan, Joey Grammer, Chaz
Nuttycombe, Sam Russo, Abigail
Theakston, Jake Hummer and
Hannah Sayles.
“I was really excited about joining
ITS. I love doing the plays and I’m
not going to stop,” sophomore Hannah
Smith said, “I think I was most scared
of tripping and falling while going up
on stage.”
Current members inducted the
newest additions into the International
Thespian Society. Each wrote
a speech on their inductee, making it
personal by including shared experiences.
“I wrote speeches on Abigail
Theakston and Sam Russo, my sister,”
sophomore Becka Russo said, “I wrote
about their accomplishments in theatre
and the kind of person they are
and the personality they bring to the
stage with them. Between me and my
sister, it was more personal because
I’ve spent 16 years with her. For Abigail,
I touched on her achievements
because she has achieved a lot in theatre
and been really active. I wanted
everyone to know what they’ve done.”
Once recruited, new thespians must
attend meetings and gain points
to move up in the ranks. To gain
points, members must participate
in plays hosted by their schools.
Each role has a different set
of points. As members move
through the ranks, they
achieve different honors
within the club that they are
allowed to display on their
robe when they graduate.
When they reach a total of 60
points, they earn the Honor
Bar, which is the highest
honor that can be bestowed
in ITS.
“I honestly have no idea
how many points I have,” senior Mikaela
Stephens said, “I’m not going
to be devastated if I don’t have
enough points. I’m just happy I’m
allowed to wear the cord at graduation.
I think that there’s a certain
degree of honor to be recognized as
a member and I’m very proud.”
Each one of these 17 students has
achieved a great honor by being accepted
into the International Thespian
Society. They have joined the ranks of
celebrated actors and actresses.


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