RVA: a great place for good food

Searlait Coffey


Some dining patrons spend a Friday night out at Kuba Kuba in Richmond. Séarlait Coffey

One downside to Sticky Rice
is that its tiny portion size doesn’t
match up with its prices. This would
be more of a problem if the quality
of food was bad, but the great taste
supports this slightly problematic
occurrence. Sticky Rice is located
at 2232 W. Main St. Richmond, VA
3. Burger Bach, pronounced
“batch,” makes the New Zealand
style gourmet burgers you didn’t
even know you’d love, until you
tried them. Grass-fed beef is featured
and well-advertised at Burger
Richmond is home to many fine
establishments of various cuisines.
As the school year draws to a close,
there is no better time to venture
into the restaurants, diners and cafes
of the Fan District.
5. Garnett’s specialty is an interesting
combination of sandwiches,
pie and cake. Sandwich creations
range from their apple butter and
peanut butter sandwich, to the California
Club’s turkey, bacon, avocado,
lettuce and tomato. All pies and
cakes are homemade too.
Garnett’s Meadow street and
Park avenue corner location is perfect
for a nice picnic date. Garnett’s
will prepare its Date Night Special
Picnic Basket to be taken to Meadow
Park, which is just across the
street. Affordability is not a problem
with Garnett’s $3 happy hour
snacks. Head on over any day of the
week, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
4. Sticky Rice is the best sushi
joint in Richmond. Its late operating
hours (open every day 11 a.m.-
2 a.m.) and creative menu names
make for a fun dining experience.
Other Japanese cuisine is also featured
at Sticky Rice with soups and
seafood specials. Sticky Rice is well
known and often very busy in the
Richmond area, so plan well ahead
before dropping in to eat.
Bach. French Fries galore are also
a must eat at Burger Bach. Its variety
of dipping sauces will make
you want to spend the extra dollar
to try as many as you can. The nut
and fruit fulfilling salads make for
an excellent side to your main meal.
While the menu might be a bit pricy
for the average high school student,
it’s a good spot for the family or for
a group of friends. Burger Bach is located
on 10 South Thompson Street
and is open every day at 11 a.m.
2. Joe’s Inn is located deep in the
heart of the Fan on 205 N. Shields Ave.
Its breakfast anytime menu is
well worth the “anytime” access.
Also available are some quality pasta,
sub and pizza options. Joe’s has
been around since 1952 and the reason
it’s been able to stay successful
for so long is due to a few contributing
factors. Joe’s Inn gives off the
feeling of warm embrace after coming
home after a long day of work.
It would be a perfectly satisfying
last resort place to eat if it weren’t
for its popularity. Breakfast dining
gives a good example of Joe’s stellar
efficiency at times of a rush. Joe’s
Inn is open every day starting at 8
a.m. and going till midnight except
for Fridays and Saturdays when it
closes at 2 a.m.
1. Kuba Kuba features mouthwatering
Cuban food. Its wide selection
of Cuban dishes includes eggs,
beans, rice, Cuban roast pork and
always plenty of chorizo and avocado.
If all you’re looking for is a
perfect snack, go for the tostones
(fried plantains) and Kuba Kuba’s
perfect blend of café con leche. Café
con leche is a mix of coffee and condensed
sweet milk.
Not a coffee drinker? Kuba Kuba’s
signature limeade is sure to
quench your thirst. Kuba Kuba also
has some rather pricy items such as
the NY Strip and a Salmon special.
Kuba Kuba’s price range goes from
around $5-$20 a dish. It’s located on
1601 Park Avenue.


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