Life after the camera crew leaves

Kathleen Pfohl


Workers help sort through debris caused by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal on April 25. Ivan Castaneira/Zuma Press/TNS

The world saw the effects of the
Haitian earthquake in 2010 and yet
another large earthquake in Japan no
more than a year later, both events
leading to devastation and turmoil for
the cities that were directly affected.
Now, four years after the last highly
publicized and dramatic earthquake,
Mother Nature has once again asserted
her dominance via a 7.8 magnitude
earthquake that hit South Asia’s
country of Nepal.
In years past the world has seen
its fair share of natural disasters with
mega snowstorms and hurricanes,
droughts across the globe, and major
earthquakes at all ends of the earth
but many of these disasters are only
spoken about simply because the media
makes these events priority stories
for a week, at best. After the camera
crews leave and the microphones
are turned off many of the victims
of these disasters are left homeless
and without a way to survive and the
news cycle moves on to the next big
thing. It’s just how it works.
Thanks to the new development
of social media and new social media
platforms, money can be raised and
donated to the victims of these events,
a more convenient alternative to the
celebrity endorsed telethon route. But
even with these new methods of fundraising,
stories of the lost are forgotten
and people of wealthy countries
move on.
Large magazines such as National
Geographic and Time Magazine offered
up devastating and beautiful
photos of the aftermath of the earthquake
in Nepal serving as other countries’
only ties to the reality of the
damage that was done. So what will
be done to help with repairing Nepal?
The United Nations will send in
disaster relief aid and money will be
raised. The stark reality of this situation
is that not much will be done
after a number of months. The other
reality that many must consider is
how different this situation would be
had it been the United States that was
hit rather than a small, undeveloped


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