HHS Presidential advisory

Luke Thompson

No matter who you are or where
you come from, if you’re a true
American, you’ve dreamt of becoming
president. And some of us, here
at Hanover, have realized this dream.
You, too, could rise through the ranks
and become president…class president
that is. And who better to advise you
than Taylor Gordon, current senior
class president?
According to Taylor, and many
politicians, there is one thing that
every president must keep in mind:
“You will never be able to make everybody
happy, it just won’t happen.”
So instead of spending your nights in
constant turmoil wondering how to
put a spin on this choice or add an
option at this event to fit everybody’s
wishes, just spend your time thinking
about how to do your best and make a
wise decision.
You might be wondering what
makes a choice wise, surely everybody
must have a different opinion
on what is wise! Well, that’s exactly
right! While it isn’t realistic to make
everybody happy Gordon does say
that, “You should strive to make as
many people happy as possible, and
when you make a decision it’s important
to hear from a variety of people.
You can’t look for opinions from just
band kids, or just football players.”
Gordon conveyed that the more
people you can accommodate with a
decision (without hurting the rest) the
wiser the choice is. But you also need
to keep administration and teacher
sponsors in mind.
Gordon explained that, “Students’
voices are always the strongest in influencing
my decisions, because they
are the ones who are affected most,
but I go through administration for
This is standard school procedure
that any new events, clubs, even simple
picnic tables, must be approved by
administration. Because of this fact, a
successful president must be able to
work nicely with administration.
He or she must be willing to make
concessions and listen to the ideas of
those in administration who can approve
or deny his or her decisions.
So if you want to be a great president
then it could never be too early to
start making friends in administration.
Without support from administration
and the student body Taylor Gordon
never would have been able to offer a
senior trip or prom to her class.
Yes, I said prom. As senior class
president, Taylor Gordon was empowered
to create the possible options
for the senior trip (a beach/river trip,
or a skiing/tubing trip) as well as to
devise the thematic options for the
2015 Junior-Senior Prom. However
she was not required to come up with
all of these things alone. Standing behind
Taylor Gordon is an extensive
cabinet consisting of her peers and
classmates. Gordon says that nearly
every decision she makes as president
is first checked with her cabinet.
So if you don’t think you could
handle the pressure of being president,
remember that you’ll have the
support of administrators, teachers,
students, and a dedicated cabinet. And
even if you still don’t think you can
handle that pressure you could try to
ease the burden on someone else by
joining his or her cabinet. You’ll still
have influence, just not as much pressure.
At the end of the day all that a
president can do is trust the people
he or she represents and try his or her
best. When people inevitably don’t
like your choice, you’ve just got to
shake it off and try harder next time.
Because no matter how hard it is, every
president dreams of the day when
he or she can please everybody.


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