Future foresight from graduating class

Kathleen Pfohl

Ten years ago. Ten years ago you
were either seven or eight years old
and thought mostly about recess and
the toy you saw at the store the other
day. At seven or eight years old there
is a good chance the future ten years
were not something that came to
mind, but now they are.
As a senior in high school being
asked, “where are you going to college?”
or “what are you majoring in?”
has become the basis on which all conversations
start, end or revolve around.
As the end of the school year approaches,
these questions continue to
rattle around in most students’ brains.
Another question may also come up;
what do you see yourself doing in the
next ten years?
Typically this question is one asked
of many adults and mostly in interview-
type settings, but the thought
behind it is also a thought that many
high school seniors are subconsciously
thinking of.
“Will I live in a big city? Will I still
live in Mechanicsville? Will I have a
career or internship? Will I be in a relationship?
Will I have any clue as to
what I want to do with my life at that
It’s a loaded question.
For many students who are stressing
about his or her end of the year grades
and AP or IB exams this question may
not be of much importance, or is most
likely set on the back burner until further
notice, but regardless of whether
or not it is at the forefront of your concerns,
it tends to help in making decisions
at the time being, “I’m going to
this college, so that in ten years I can
be working at this job.”
Maybe this helps; perhaps this loaded
question about the future is what
keeps teenagers going during the present.
Martin Luther King Jr. and Fantine
dreamed a dream so why can’t a
high school senior in Hanover do the
“Hopefully I’ll be married and have
a good job, maybe have kids by that
time, but I’m not sure,” senior Allie
Dry said.
For many future adults, a family
and a steady job may be the first things
that come to mind, but for some, other
goals may be on their agenda.
“My goal in ten years is to have
traveled Europe or that’s where I want
to be,” senior Ryan Gary said.
Thinking back ten, or even two,
years ago most seniors can say that
they would have never expected to be
where they are. The fact of life is that
high school is a time of great change
for teenagers, physically, mentally and
emotionally, so what one student may
have planned to be doing during freshman
year can be drastically different
from what his or her current situation
is, and that is only a three-year time
Many seniors have decided by this
point on what they plan to do in the
next year, some may still be deciding
but there is a good chance that the majority
of these students neither knew
nor pictured what they would be doing
a year or two ago. With this being
said it is a safe bet that what students
of the class of 2015 predict they will be
doing in ten years will not be close to
the amazing things they will be doing
when that time comes.
So if “What is your ten year plan?”
is a question that sends your head in
a tailspin, don’t stress, this is a time of
great change and ten years is a long
way down the road; plan and dream
if that is what helps you deal with the
present but remember that ten years
can be the difference between thinking
about recess and thinking about

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