From the bottom to the top

Sean Coleman & Kelly Guthrie

On June 13 at 7 p.m. the senior class
members will take their final steps as
Hanover High School students. Over
300 people will finish what they started
13 years ago. Let’s have a recap
shall we?
The basic facts: there are 151 males
and 155 females making a grand total
of 306 seniors, composing roughly
23% of the entire school. The seniors
have accomplished an average grade
point average of 3.32 and have four IB
diploma candidates.
There are 62 Hanover Scholars;
these people have a 4.0 or better and
have received IB, AP, advanced or
dual enrollment credit. There are also
32 Soaring Hawks, students who were
recognized as good citizens, who will
graduate come June.
The class of 2015 has accomplished
many things in sports, arts and academics.
Many seniors have gained the
title of State Champions, with two
baseball state championships and several
wrestling and track state championships.
The National Honor Society (NHS)
and BETA programs have also accomplished
many things under the direction
of the senior class. NHS’s new
senior-headed committees brought
continued success for the tutoring center
in its second year of existence, in
addition to exposing students to different
people in the community and
offering diverse service opportunities.
Both the BETA Club and NHS Club
have a minimum number of service
hours that the members must complete
prior to the end of the year. BETA requires
a minimum of 15 hours, three
of which must be done specifically for
the school, two for the club itself and
the remainder can be done for any organization.
NHS also requires a minimum
of 15 hours, two of which must
be done for the NHS club.
“Seniors of the National Honor
Society have set the bar and pushed
the envelopes and provided new opportunities
for the fire to grow” NHS
sponsor Chad Taylor said.
The seniors did not just improve
old clubs; they started new ones.
With the conjunction of the senior
class of 2014, the class of 2015 helped
start Honor Council, Emerging Leaders
and Human Rights Club.
“With the seniors from last year,
we have set in motion an initiative
to focus on LGBT rights and I’ve educated
them on transgender rights,”
senior member of the Humans Rights
Club Dan Oster said.
On a high note, under the leadership
of this year’s seniors, Sound FX
mixed show choir received the title of
“Grand Champions” at every competition
they participated in. The Hanover
Band Program was a Virginia State
Honor Band and the Strings High Orchestra
received straight superiors.
Lastly, Hanover High School’s
newspaper has been nationally recognized
in the Virginia Living magazine.
The magazine named Hanover High
School one of the top high schools and
colleges in their 2014 list (previously
in The Hawk Eye October issue).
To revisit the pictures gathered
throughout the 2014-2015 school
year and the ones pictured above,
visit previous issues of The Hawk Eye.


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