Alternatives for the undecided

Hayley Plotz

So it’s the end of the year and you,
unlike most of your peers, decided
not to take the normal post-graduation
route. Fortunately, there are
alternatives that give you plenty of
reason to walk across the stage with
your head held high.
You could, for instance, start at
an entry level job. By doing so, you
will keep yourself occupied and busy,
consistently moving forward. Choose
a job that benefits you career-wise;
this will help you in the long run,
contrasting to a job that you might
have had during your high school
years. Internships are also a viable alternative
— there are many ladders
to be climbed on the corporate chain,
so be sure to take chances and not be
afraid of failure.
If you’re skilled and business savvy,
entrepreneurships could be a fitting
route. There are many noteworthy
celebrity and professional businesspersons
who only have a high school
diploma. Should your newly-formed
business succeed, you just might find
yourself rolling in pits of money like
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.
If you’re the handy type, vocational
school or becoming a tradesman
could potentially be a suitable
alternative. There are many practical,
well-paying jobs that are necessary
and always in demand, including (but
not limited to) plumbing, electrical
work and metal working. By entering
an apprenticeship, you receive quite
a few perks, such as job security and
exceptional wages.
A popular post-graduate option is
enlisting in the military. While it may
not seem appealing at first, being in
the military also has its benefits. You
have the potential to lead an adventure
abroad and have the opportunity
to view different cultures first hand,
all while serving your country and
receiving a quality education (clothing,
food and housing included).
You could, if you have the funds,
see the world on your own or as a
part of a group. See just what’s out
there before the real world punches
you straight in the kisser. It’s beneficial
to be aware of that big, scary
world you’re about to be a part of.
You have no reason to feel as if
you’re missing out on the good ole
college journey; that option is still
out there. You have a lot to be proud
of and look forward to in the years
to come after graduation, so take a
deep breath, decompress and graduate
feeling proud of what you have
accomplished so far.


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