Advice from a graduating senior

Abbey Delaney


Delaney, a graduating senior, wishes to
impart her wisdom to rising HHS students.
Abbey Delaney

If you’re sick, stay home.
No matter what grade you’re in,
you will be miserable and you’ll get
everyone else sick. If you get me sick
I will complain about it to all of your
Don’t talk to seniors.
You are bunnies, little tiny bunnies
who don’t know what the rest of
high school is like. Seniors are wolves.
They have lived through high school
and they will eat you. If they’re in
your extra-curricular, proceed with
caution, but if you don’t know them,
stay away.
Get your license ASAP.
You don’t want to wait when all
of your friends get theirs. You don’t
want your Mom to drive you when
you finally get that first date. Pay attention
in Driver’s Ed.
Be nice.
It costs nothing to be a nice person,
but it can cost everything if you’re a
jerk. What you say matters, and the
words you say have an impact on the
people you say them to.
Don’t block the hallway.
We’ll like you a lot less if you block
the hallway. I’m trying to get to my
AP classes on time and you’re dawdling
outside Advanced World History
I. Again, wolves will eat bunnies
if they’re hungry enough.
Don’t let a grade affect your life.
It’s just a number and you shouldn’t
let it shake your confidence or selfworth
as a person. Don’t let a grade,
class-rank, or GPA dull your sparkle.
Respect your teachers.
They’re there to help you and being
disrespectful will only be harmful
in the long run. If you have a problem
with them, the lines of communication
are always open.


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