Riverbound Café and their burger special

Matthew Harris

Restaurants attract customers
with pleasing aesthetics, diverse
menus, and specials that will attract
any group of people. Riverbound
Café has their own special, discounted
burgers on Monday night.
Riverbound Café is a restaurant
in Hanover, located at 8005 Creighton
Pkwy. Riverbound Café has a
wide variety of food to order, such
as their unique spicy tuna wrap and
their classic Rueben.
On Monday night many customers
flock to Riverbound Café for this
particular special. The special has
six burgers that are reduced in price
by three to four dollars. The burgers
range from the Rickman burger, a
burger with only cheese as the condiment,
to the Sportsman, which
has grilled crab meat and mixed
Another burger that stands out
is the breakfast burger. The burger
contains hash browns, smoked
bacon, an over medium egg, and
American cheese. What makes this
burger interesting is that you can
taste the egg, hash browns, and the
burger, with no one flavor overpowering
another. The flavors all
seem to work together, so that every
bite is equal, and there isn’t any
particular bad point, or bite.
Senior Luke Thompson has his
own opinion about the breakfast
“The burger was really good but
it burned my mouth because the
yolk inside the egg was too hot,”
Thompson said.
This special coupled with the
overall quality of the food makes
Riverbound Café a solid choice for
a visit, even on a day that doesn’t
have a special.


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