Comedian Hannibal Buress came to Richmond

Chris Dileo

On Sunday April 13, hit comedian
Hannibal Buress performed a
sold out show at Richmond Center
Stage. While many only know him
as the comedian who told the joke
that set off the recent Bill Cosby
scandal, he has a respected history
of work, including two full-length
stand up albums.
Buress’ is most notable for his
role as co-host on Adult Swim’s hit
“talk” show, the Eric Andre show.
The Eric Andre Show is a bizarre
late night talk show written by
Hannibal and the show’s host, Eric
The show’s demented content
ranges from harassing irrelevant
90s celebrities in bizarre interview
segments, to pulling bizarre pranks
in the streets of New York City.
One notable example involved
Eric running a fake smoothie stand,
whereupon receiving the customer’s
orders, he would stuff his hand
in a fake blender while yelling
Buress’ role on the show usually
involves him being the sole lucid
cast member, although he too has
his moments of bizarre behavior,
such as when he began to lean
heavily on Lou Ferrigno during an
Buress’ stand up act largely revolved
around making fun of various
hip hop songs. He went on to
great lengths about how he feels
the opening beat to “Fancy” by
Iggy Azalea is some “entry level
stuff” and how it seems like “the
beat someone who’s just fiddling
around with a keyboard at someone’s
party would make.”
He also made jokes about how
much he loves being an uncle because
he gets all the upsides of parenthood
without any of the work,
as well as poking fun at hipsters
who have handle bar mustaches
by describing them as “a bunch of
circus-faced freaks.”
He talked about how his 32nd
birthday officially marked the end
of his youth and that it was all
“down hill from here” and how his
defense against burglars is the fact
that his apartment is a dump and
that they would feel sorry for him
and leave.
Buress’ show, as predicted, was
completely sold out, leaving desperate
fans trying to buy tickets
from attendees outside of the
theater for ridiculous prices. The
Show at Richmond Center Stage
was Hannibal’s first in Richmond,
and in Virginia as a whole.
While you may have missed Buress’
Camisado of Comedy tour’s
show in Richmond, it is likely that
he will make an album or recording
of one of the shows. Should he
make it an album, you will most
likely be able to find it at local record
stores such as Plan 9 or Deep
Groove on vinyl, or on iTunes in a
digital format.
Should he release a recorded
performance, like many comedians
today, it will likely be released via
Netflix, like recent acts by comedians
Mike Birbiglia and John Mulaney
have been in recent years.
Buress’ work on The Eric Andre
Show is almost all available on
Adult Swim’s website, however,
you need an eligible Comcast account
to view them.


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