Starting the school search

Giles VanHuss

College visits: long drives, awkward
tours and biased guides. Juniors
throughout Hanover plan on
going to several colleges to survey
the campuses and learn about prospective
alma maters, obviously to
look for a great education and not
find the school with the best parties.
Students start their college
searches by first driving long
distances that consume copious
amounts of time and include long
roads that never seem to end and
increasingly aggressive driving because
the idiot in front of you keeps
braking for Casper. Now you can
add murder to your list of things
that occur during college visits.
The next step is to attend the
tour. The tour guides may introduce
you to a variety of students.
There is a possibility you may
even see the rare honors student
who only comes out once a year to
gather food and load up on coffee
and Red Bull.
The end of a college tour is
where they try to seal the deal and
bombard people with free things
and talk about how the school will
change you forever. It’s highly
likely that you will remain the
same, but you’ll now have a stress
ball with the logo of the university.


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