Garrett Gauntt

Sure, promposals or extravagant
prom invitations are great
but, why not purchase your date
with 500 retweets? Honestly
getting the girl of your dreams
to get with you to your high
school prom, though afterwards
you may never see her again, is
worth the work of getting all
those retweets retweeted.
The old fashioned way of
asking a girl to prom in person
has slowly diminished and new
forms of asking girls to prom
through social media are slowly
becoming frequent ways to pop
the question. I call this method
“Retweet for Prom.”
The areas of social media for
prom date requests vary from
Twitter, to Facebook, to Tumbler,
and even Instagram. The
reason it is “Retweet for Prom”
is because Twitter is the most
used and infamous social media
site for social media prom asks.
The prom ask on Twitter
starts with the asker, usually
the guy, who DM’s (directs messages)
his possible future date.
The conversation usually starts
out with “How many retweets
to take you to prom?” The possible
date then usually states
a number of retweets needed.
This number usually being an
extremely large number that is
much more than it seems possible
to get.
Usually the next step in
the Twitter process is tweeting
about it with a picture of a
conversation. The caption of the
picture usually is a statement
that says something like “(this
amount of retweets) to take this
beautiful girl to prom.”
The tweets will then continue
in a big chain of retweets until
finally the asker reaches the
required numbers of retweets
needed to make the possible
date for prom an official date
and the asker and his date may
even get a little Twitter famous.
Just remember if you do
not get the amount of retweets
needed it doesn’t have to stop
your quest to get a prom date.
You could always resort to the
traditional prom process and ask
another person or if you want
go big you can always do a giant


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