Prom night cost cutting measures

Brady Didlake

It’s that time of the year again
where prom is on everyone’s mind.
Who will I ask? How will I ask? Will
she say yes? But the most important
question you should think about if
you are going is whether or not you
can afford it?
Prom is always filled with excitement
but that excitement only comes
after you drain your bank account
buying that dream dress you want or
renting a tux and not to mention the
purchasing of the tickets. So here are
a few tips on how to save money at
“Well I knew what dress I wanted
from the beginning so I have been
saving money throughout the year.
Every time I got a paycheck I would
put a little aside to help save up for
my dress,” senior Lauren Taylor said.
This is an excellent way to save for
prom. If you have a job and know
you are going to prom in the beginning
of the year, why not just take a
little off each one of your paychecks
to set aside to help pay for the expenses.
“I work long, hard hours on the
weekends because I am so busy during
the week,” senior Ryan Madison
Getting a job on the weekends is
a great idea for anybody. Weekdays
for some people are to busy, because
not only are you doing schoolwork
but you also have to balance extracurricular
activities with it. So getting
a part time job on the weekends
is a perfect way to make a few extra
bucks to help pay for prom.
“Buy your prom dress around
Homecoming because that is when
they are on sale. You should also look
into eating at home with a group of
friends because then you won’t have
to pay an expensive bill and if you are
lucky your parents might cook or pay
for the meal at home,” math teacher
Allison League said.
Eating at home could save you a
lot of money. After buying your
prom dress, renting a tux and buying
tickets, you may not want to spend
any more money. So talk to your
parents about eating with a group of
friends at home. This will not only
help you save a lot of money but you
can also relax in a comfortable environment.
Most importantly after everything
is paid for, remember to enjoy yourself.
You only get so many chances in
your life to go to prom so don’t spend
the whole night worrying about how
you will make your money back. Enjoy
want you spent your money on.


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