Planning your Prom night

Mikayla Mason

Springtime means prom time. But
for many Hanover students prom has
been on their minds long before the
warm weather arrived.
Many have had prom on their
minds for so long because so much
goes into that one night. Dresses,
dates and dinner all have to be figured
out ahead of time.
“I started thinking about prom
three months in advance,” junior
Kayla Haas said. “Where I
am going to eat before,” Haas
said when asked what she
thinks is most important to
think about when planning
for prom.
The most hectic part for some is getting
their plans in order, so that prom night
goes smoothly.
“It’s always
stressful to get everyone
together and figure out
where you are going to go and what
you are going to do,” junior Stephanie
Mayle said. Even so, if Mayle goes
to prom this year she will go with a
“Whenever you walk into school
dances, it’s always really awkward,”
Mayle explained, “so going with a
group prevents some of this discomfort.”
Sophomore Josh Plummer agreed
that going in a group to prom makes
it much more enjoyable.
“When you are going to prom you
are going to have your friends with
you, so you’re rolling in there and
everybody knows that prom is
just starting when
you all get in there, ” Plummer said.
Make-up and hair are
considered to be the most important
and for many take the longest to do.
“I guess your hair because I feel
like it is a big part of your outfit.
You’ll see your hair from far away,”
junior Maria Fuerte said.
Junior Rebecca Hoover gets her
hair and make-up done in the morning
and then does everything else to
get ready.
“It’s like an all-day affair,” Hoover
explained. Her favorite part of getting
ready for prom is putting on her
dress at the very end and seeing the
full effect.
Mayle’s favorite part of pre-prom
is the actual process of getting
primped and perfected.
“I love getting
ready for school dances,”
Mayle said. She
also enjoys helping other
people get ready, especially
with their makeup.
For boys the process for
being perfect for prom seems a
lot simpler.
“As a guy I’ll probably go out
to Men’s Warehouse two weeks before,”
junior TJ Allen explained. He
prefers to have all of his clothes laid
out and ready so he can just go without
a hassle.
Junior Ryan Tignor also gets ready
in a flash like Allen.
“I’m going to shower put on a tux and
go,” said Tignor. The boy’s main concern
is usually making sure that their
tie matches the dress perfectly and
they don’t stab their date with the
corsage pin.
Some people have no interest in
going to prom and the whole preparation
“I’m not really interested to go this
year,” Junior Aviana Smith said.


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