No “Lyttle” accomplishment

Brady Didlake

Every athlete dreams his entire life
of having one of those “big moments”
in a game, whether it’s taking a buzzer
beater shot or pulling off a huge
upset. Grey Lyttle seized his opportunity
Tuesday, March 31st, against the
Atlee Raiders.
Lyttle is a junior at Hanover this
year and has already accomplished
so much. He is a two-time State
Champion who was the number two
pitcher on last year’s team. Lyttle
was not always the newspaper headline
though, throwing behind current
UVA pitcher Derek Casey. But he
threw numerous huge games last year
to help the Hawks on their quest for a
State Championship.
This year he is the number one
pitcher for the Hawks and will be
looking to do whatever he can to help
his team win, just like he did on the
March 31st game against Atlee.
“My game plan going into Tuesday’s
game was to attack the strike
zone and compete every pitch, because
I trust the defense behind me
and the offense to put runs on the
board,” Lyttle said.
Lyttle had to be focused and ready
to attack every pitch if he wanted to
put his team in the best position to
win, and he would do just that. He
pitched seven innings and finished
with 11 strikeouts along with two
walks. But more impressively, he
attained what some pitchers dream
their whole lives of: a no-hitter.
A no-hitter is where a pitcher
throws the entire game without giving
up a single hit. For Lyttle, no feeling
during that game was as great as
the final pitch when he struck out the
last Atlee batter to seal the win.
“The feeling was pretty awesome
after the final pitch. I was honored to
share the moment with all my close
teammates and seeing how proud my
family was of the accomplishment,”
Lyttle said.
Ironically, some players on the
team didn’t even realize that the nohitter
was even going on until the last
out was made.
“I realized it in the last inning
when there was one out. It didn’t really
sink in that it was a no-hitter until
the final out was made and all the
emotion came out,” junior Cayman
Richardson said.
The Hawks would go on to win
3-0 behind Lyttle’s outstanding performance
on the mound. This game
improved Hanover’s record to 3-0,
and they currently stand at a record
of 5-2.


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