Avoiding friends when break ends

Danielle White

A local high school student is reluctant
to look at her friend’s vacation
photos upon reuniting after
said friend’s trip to t h e Outer Banks during
Spring Break.
Hanover High School junior, Aust
Ere, claims to have “[gotten] the gist”
of the“generalidea” of the photos after viewing
them—or at least “like 20 of them”—
on Facebook. This general idea was
reinstated when those photos were
mass-tweeted and then posted on
Instagram in the form of a highlyedited
“She was only gone for three days,”
Ere said, “I’ve been to the Outer Banks
like a billion times, I know what it
looks like. And it’s not like she’s never
been to a beach either.”
Ere went on to describe just
how irritated she was to receive
constant SnapChats of
her friend’s unexciting beach
house that “wasn’t even on the
freaking water” and videos of
her friend’s family’s antics that
“literally had no point” and “total-
ly wasted” ten seconds of
her life at a time.
Ere’s previously
mentioned friend and Hanover
junior, N. Suzy Astic, has
reportedly told Ere that s h e
has gotten “so tan” after her threeday
visit to the Banks.
“She got tan and I got fat,” Ere said.
Astic took it upon herself to take
a total of 529 photos of her experiences—
all of which are now on Facebook.
Ere, who stayed home for the
duration of the break, says she will
probably end up looking at the photos
with Astic anyway just to be polite,
but she won’t be happy about it
and she might not even pretend to be
Ere also claims that she will attempt
to bear her friend’s elaborate,
30-minute recounts of events that
took less than three minutes to occur—
although, those, too, were posted
on Facebook and again on Twitter
in increments of Notepad screenshots.
“It’s really unnecessary,” Ere said,
“I mean, it’s not like I’m trying to
show [Astic] every frame from every
episode of Gilmore Girls I watched
while she was away or show her how
many Chipotle burrito bowl carcasses
I have left over from the week.”
Ere claims that if Astic were to
have purchased a souvenir for Ere,
then Ere would be more willing to
look at those photos and listen to
those stories that she has already
seen and heard.
For now, Ere plans to
finish season six of Gilmore
Girls as she dreads the
utterance of that fateful
sentence: “I brought pictures!”


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