A night in NYC

Sallie Sledd

After much debate, the theme of
prom has been chosen. The options
were a Las Vegas or New York City
themed night and since Las Vegas
was outlawed, New York City became
the winner. Seniors had the
opportunity to vote on the theme of
prom before planning began.
“I honestly voted for New York,
so I’m happy,” senior Nathan Pal
Pal is glad that prom is taking
place at Meadow Event Park, which
is at the State Fair site. Many students
are glad that it has been moved
to an outside location, not in the
“It was really nice at school last
year, better than I thought it was going
to be, but I think it would be a
lot better somewhere else, so I think
it’s cool that it’s at Meadow Event
Park,” Pal explained.
Each year, prom is planned by the
junior class officers. Junior Kealie
Engels, who is on the prom committee,
explained how the committee is
planning on decorating the venue.
“We’re going to decorate it probably
with a skyline and purple or
black colors,” she described.
Junior Mason Caler, also on prom
committee, offered more details
about the decorations at the event.
“We’re going to have a tunnel
when you walk in and we’re going to
have a bunch of white lights,” Caler
said. This is similar to what was done
at Hanover’s prom last year, with a
tunnel leading students into the
proper area.
Caler believes a Las Vegas theme
was the better option, but that prom
will still be fun.
“I think it would’ve been better if
we had a Las Vegas theme but that
got shut down, so we had to go with
our back up plan,” Caler said.
However, many students still do
not know about the New York City
“I think it’s cool, considering I just
found out about it,” junior Hannah
Sayles said, “I actually didn’t vote
because I didn’t know we could.”
Junior Jonathan Gilchrest also
lacked knowledge about the theme
of prom and did not vote either.
“No one has really said anything
about the prom theme,” Gilchrest
He believes that New York City
has many possibilities for decoration.
“New York City is kind of diverse
so I mean you could have people
dressed up in suits, or you could
have people dress up like hobos,
or like Times Square entertainers,”
Gilchrest said, “If you have a good
theme, you got to make sure you pull
it off well.”


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